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Expertise in Risk Identification and Evaluation

A clear understanding of your organization’s security environment is critical to developing a comprehensive security plan. MEDTEAM Information Security Services can provide the expertise to help identify risks and vulnerabilities that threaten your organizational security program. A comprehensive security review includes identifying risks and vulnerabilities, prioritization, remediation strategies, and preemptive measures to help manage risk and improve security and safety. MEDTEAM can perform a one-time, cost-effective security review and remain engaged as a long-term partner.

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Security Review

A seasoned information security leader identifies risks and gaps based on 12 control objectives. Findings are analyzed and reviewed with you, and a strategy to strengthen your overall security is developed, including remediation activities and preventative measures. Ranking of risks and gaps allows you to prioritize your security funding for maximum impact, enabling you to reduce risks while controlling costs.

Security scans can only tell you so much about the safety and security of your environment. MEDTEAM’s security leader will provide an in-depth and personalized review of your security program designed to identify risks and gaps based on certain control objectives as well as provide a custom roadmap to enhance your organization’s information security.

Findings from your security review will be thoroughly analyzed and ranked, and these findings will be communicated using clear metrics accessible to security and non-security personnel. Ranking risks, vulnerabilities, and other threats will help clarify the impacts and consequences these current risks may pose to existing operations.

Remediate and Strengthen
The ranked findings from your security review will be used to help formulate a comprehensive strategy towards remediating existing risks, vulnerabilities, and gaps. This strategy will document the most effective identified fixes for current threats and guidance on implementing these fixes. You’ll know what your next steps are to harden and strengthen your environment while considering cost and value factors.

Virtual CISO

While a security review is a one-time engagement, the virtual CISO (vCISO) is an upgraded service that provides a dedicated resource to remain engaged with your facility for ongoing security needs. This service offers analysis, coaching, and expertise in reducing risks identified in the security review. The vCISO will work with your existing security staff to architect and implement a successful security program.

Why choose a vCISO?
With the rise in cyberattacks and ransomware causing unnecessary downtime or data breaches, organizations wanting to establish an effective and comprehensive security program need a CISO. A vCISO allows your company to rapidly access the benefits of having a CISO in an advisory or part-time role tailored to your organization's needs.

Value Consideration
While a full-time CISO may be too costly for many small businesses, vCISO services allow you to access the same expertise, experience, and knowledge to help strengthen and secure your environment while keeping costs down. Additionally, a vCISO can assist your company in identifying how to spend your cybersecurity budget wisely to effectively build a robust security program.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

MEDTEAM's Security Operations Center (SOC) takes a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, prioritizing design, testing, user training, and real-time monitoring. Healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable to data breaches, which can result in significant financial losses. Ransomware attacks, in particular, have had a high-profile impact on hospitals, causing revenue losses and requiring costly system restorations. To help address these threats and rising insurance premiums, MEDTEAM SOC provides a solution that adheres to leading practices while remaining sensitive to budgetary constraints.

Our team has extensive experience securing on-premises and cloud assets, and we can tailor our service packages to meet unique governance structures. At MEDTEAM, we view information security as an investment in risk reduction, improved quality, and decreased costs.

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