Application Management, Content, and Configuration Services

Enhance Patient Care and Deliver Operational Excellence

By providing ongoing support that can be customized to meet your facility's unique needs and challenges, MEDTEAM can assist with everything from modifying a clinical care plan, order set, or assessment to adding new hospital service or charge codes.

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Financial Services

Application Management Services can help facilities utilizing the following MEDHOST financial solutions.

Patient Accounting
MEDTEAM can help with all your system configuration needs inside Patient Accounting. For instance, MEDTEAM can assist with new facility setup, maintaining/adding charge codes, adding/maintaining hospital service codes, adding/maintaining financial classes, editing room/bed files, adding/maintaining AR Transaction codes, and modifying physician specialty, status, and type codes.

Accounts Payable
MEDTEAM is equipped with subject matter experts that can help you create new entities, add new vendors, change vendor addresses/demographics, provide query support and assist with standard AP reporting edits/changes.

General Ledger
MEDTEAM Services can help set up new GL Accounts, maintain your control files, add new entities, handle prior period stat changes and support financial consolidation requests.

MEDTEAM Services is prepared to help multi-tenant healthcare companies maintain the checks and balances that can ensure all their facilities uphold a set of corporate standards that optimize solutions.

Clinical Services

Application Management Services can help facilities utilizing the following MEDHOST clinical solutions.

To help maintain optimal systems, MEDTEAM can assist you in creating new lab procedures, multi-test profiles, new entities in your Result Master File, analyzer cross-reference tables, and new order sets.

MEDTEAM supports your Pharmacy solution configuration by helping you build/modify formulary items, frequencies, order sets, and sliding scale titration templates, as well as build/maintain pharmacy labels to keep your system up to date. 

Order Entry/Therapies
When it comes to your therapy service lines, MEDTEAM can help your departments develop new processes, order sets, labels/forms for orders and outcomes, order entry prompts, and other requirements around your physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy paperwork.

Perioperative Experience
MEDTEAM solutions support the upkeep and setup of your perioperative information system. We can assist with updating charge rule maintenance, preference cards, case kinds, and billing flags, as well as maintaining/editing functionality flags and other components.

MEDTEAM Solutions provides access to our clinicians so that we can help you build/modify physician order sets, nursing care plans, assessments, and new procedures.

Emergency Department
MEDTEAM Services has registered nurses and clinicians ready to support you with all your system administration needs, including adding new charting choices, updating forms, and stylesheets, or helping you navigate report changes and modifications.

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“When we call MEDTEAM, it is great that they are always on board working to help us, whatever the need is.” - Chief Nursing Officer

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