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  • "MEDTEAM has been instrumental to the overall growth and success of our revenue cycle. Their team of highly qualified individuals made an immediate impact on our cash flow, AR, and billing/collection efforts. The team is readily available for consultations and responsive to our specific needs. We are proud of our partnership."

    John Yeary, Chief Executive Officer
    Freestone Medical Center
  • "MEDTEAM gives us a broader pool of people to draw on. It provides a level of experience that’s hard to come by in a small town. Their impact on our hospital's operations has been remarkable. MEDTEAM efficiently manages daily cash postings and provides clear, comprehensive updates on our revenue in an easily understandable format. They also handle collections and are consistently accessible for any questions I have. Since starting at this hospital six months ago, I've found their support crucial in acclimating to my new role. Whether it's through phone calls, personal visits, or directing me to the right resources, their team has been instrumental in helping me navigate and understand how we can improve operations together."

    Jennifer Azua, Chief Financial Officer
    Freestone Medical Center
  • "MEDTEAM Integration Services is like the man behind the curtain, ensuring everything ticks along smoothly. As an IT Director, it’s extremely important that our systems work together seamlessly. With MEDTEAM taking over our interfaces, it frees up my team to focus on local issues like user problems or fixing equipment. In a community hospital environment, where there's always a whirlwind of activity, and few hands on deck, having this kind of support is a game-changer."

    Steve McCarty, IT Director
    Freestone Medical Center
  • “I want to let you know what a great job MEDTEAM has done. They are very knowledgeable and provided my staff with valuable information to reduce our denials. Randy was very efficient and supportive of all our efforts and helped to resolve several payor issues through his contacts. Through his efforts, my team was able to make better use of the information from the contract management reports and increase reimbursement. MEDTEAM experts are cooperative, efficient, and easy to work with.”

    Don Forst, Revenue Cycle Director
    Healdsburg Hospital

Need an Experienced Partner?  You've Come to the Right Place

Our MEDTEAM experts are dedicated to providing you with an experienced and passionate partnership. We prioritize respect and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your needs are our top priority. Whether you require essential back-office support, protection for your technology investments, or assistance in delivering high-quality care, we're here to support you. If you're currently facing challenges or seeking to improve your financial performance, we are ready to assist. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that your facility not only maintains its community presence but also achieves sustainable profitability.

Meet The Team

Todd Williams, Senior Director, Information Security
"In this digital age, securing data is like guarding a fortress. My previous experience has honed my skills in building strong walls and foreseeing and outsmarting potential threats. Here at MEDTEAM, I'm thrilled to continue crafting solid, smart defenses to ensure our clients' data remains unassailable."
Randy Oxley, Senior Hospital Underpayment Recovery Specialist
"I value digging deeper to understand the true problem, crafting revenue cycle solutions for smoother workflow. This and MEDTEAM's collaborative spirit position our clients for success."

Greg Stintson, Principal Integration Engineer
"The expertise I bring to MEDTEAM is rooted in my deep knowledge, hands-on experience in the field, and a unique knack for problem-solving. It's about ensuring seamless, stable integrations and working with diverse expertise to deliver successful implementations for our customers."
Jennifer England, Team Lead, Billing Services
"I take pride in the quick turnaround we provide for new clients in optimizing their billing cycle, underlined by excellent customer service, ensuring the best outcomes for their facilities."

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“When we call MEDTEAM, it is great that they are always on board working to help us, whatever the need is.” - Chief Nursing Officer

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