Hope for the Holidays: The Story of Lakeland Community Hospital

November 2017 in Haleyville, Alabama, sees locals planning for the festive season, discussing the next Auburn match, or looking forward to autumn vacation. Yet, a different mood fills the meeting room at Lakeland Community Hospital.

Announced just moments ago, the hospital's impending closure on December 31 creates a wave of shock and concern. Questions about avoiding closure, future employment, and community healthcare needs arise.

Megan Welborn, Imaging Services Director, reflects on a recent emergency treatment her child needed at Lakeland. Struggling with emotion, she thinks, “Is a town without a hospital where I want to live?”

A Courageous Choice

The looming closure of Lakeland, a significant employer, meant more than just healthcare loss; it threatened the town's stability.

Mayor Ken Sunseri, facing a severe time constraint, decided to have the town purchase Lakeland. This, however, only provided a temporary respite, as financial difficulties and existing debts still loomed.

They needed help. Fast. 

The Strategy

A late-night city council session leads to a plan: increase sales tax and collaborate with seasoned, outside vendors to rescue the hospital.

MEDTEAM, among other partners, took charge of Lakeland's business operations, implementing a fiscal recovery plan and addressing unpaid bills. This collective effort saved Lakeland shortly before Christmas, ensuring its continued service in Haleyville.

Read the full case study here.

MEDTEAM Revenue Cycle Services

Lakeland's scenario is not isolated. Since 2010, 134 rural hospitals have shut down, impacting countless individuals.

Despite these challenges, rural hospitals have options to avoid closure. MEDTEAM, with over four decades of service to rural and community health facilities, has aided numerous hospitals in financial improvement and service expansion, sustaining the health of America’s rural regions.

Email inquiry@medteamsolutions.com or call 1.844.615.1803 for comprehensive information on our revenue cycle solutions.

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