Inside Freestone’s Journey to Rev Cycle Success

"N ot long ago, there were days I would come home, unsure if we’d be able to keep the doors open tomorrow,” admitted John Yeary, CEO of Freestone Medical Center.

He offers a frank smile and shrugs, conveying how he and his staff have taken these challenges in stride over the last few years. Like many rural CEOs we work with, John’s first priority is his community’s health needs—but financial considerations are always a close second.

In this post, we delve into how Freestone and MEDTEAM worked together to improve Freestone’s financials, the steps involved, and the different ways others may benefit from partnering with us.

An Uncertain Future

Freestone Medical Center is a 37-bed acute care facility located in Fairfield, Texas. It is the only full-service hospital in the county and provides a wide array of medical services. These include a 24‐hour emergency department designated as a level IV trauma center, lab, imaging, inpatient care, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

In the 1990s, Freestone was affiliated with an urban-based healthcare system, as part of a multi-hospital network. However, in 2016, they parted ways and became an independent entity once more. After becoming independent, Freestone soon found itself struggling to maintain adequate cash flow and meet financial obligations.

Building Long-Term Financial Resilience

“MEDTEAM expands our capabilities significantly by providing a broader pool of skilled employees for collections and denial management,” John said. “This support is crucial in a rural setting like ours, where recruiting and training specialized staff is challenging.”

John’s words underscore a key aspect of the partnership between Freestone Medical Center and MEDTEAM: building long-term financial resilience. This collaboration didn’t just provide immediate relief; it set the foundation for sustainable growth and stability.

This process involved

  • Streamlining revenue cycle management
  • Enhancing financial transparency and reporting
  • Improving cash flow
  • Training and development

Looking Ahead

Freestone’s story is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in overcoming financial hurdles and building a resilient future. By leveraging MEDTEAM’s expertise in revenue cycle management, financial transparency, cash flow optimization, and staff development, Freestone Medical Center has secured its place as a vital healthcare provider in its community. For other rural hospitals looking to navigate similar challenges, Freestone’s success offers a roadmap to follow.

For more on this story, check out the full case study here.

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